Tales of a PI

The juicy details everyone wants to know from the lives of Private Investigators. We talk the talk and answer the questions everyone wants to know. Join us weekly to hear all the good stuff!

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Founder & CEO of Canada's largest Female Owned Private Investigative Agency!

Hello, I am Whitney, Your Host.

Everytime I meet someone new and they say “what do you do for a living” and I say “I am a Private Investigator” they immediately want to know my best and most juicy storyies.

This podcast shares all the details everyone wants to know about the private investigative industry. We discuss surveillance cases, answer questions, give tips and tricks, and more. You’ll be hooked on this podcast!

Whitney Joy Smith

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Alicia K. Tales of a PI listener

What a fun show, I love hearing all the stories and experience that is clearly heard from Whitney and her guests.

Bilal Y. Tales of a PI listener

I love this show, and look forward to new episodes.

James H. Tales of PI listener

Whitney is a great storyteller; make sure you catch all the episodes.